Countdown to Varsity vs Exeter (A):

UBCC's Les Deux Alpes Ski Social

Mock UBCC in the Alpes

Day 3 of the ski trip arrives, let the highly anticipated UBCC ski social begin. Dress code was shirt and tie, so of course all the boys looked flare. Cal Tubethorp; the worst social sec in the world, was in charge so the organisation was poor but the other 14 lads didn’t let him ruin their day. The meet time varied between 10.30 and 11.30 depending on how many beers had been consumed at Smithys the night before and once Donald finally arrived, with a perfectly presented tie, the day’s play could begin.

A light sprinkling of snow overnight gave way to glorious sunshine in the morning, setting up perfect conditions for the morning session. Fletch, who made sure everyone knew that he had done a season last year, took the lead guiding us on a range of Blues and Reds which were skied with precision by all. All bar the 3rd year econ student, Kiran, who was the first faller despite being a qualified ski instructor. Coates ensured there were a million CHOMPS throughout the day and Ewan tried his best to act like a seasonaire with his “matching” green jacket and helmet and his twin tipped skis. Fos, who enjoys the finer things in life, had no issue with arriving at the bottom of each run 30 seconds after everyone else. A quick stop for lunch allowed our 40 year old Italian woman, James Fischer, the opportunity to get through a 20 pack of darts and the rest of to eat some mediocre ham and cheese baguettes and get the drinks flowing.

The afternoon session began with us bumping in to Bruce’s sister at the bottom of a chairlift, allowing some fresh to chirps the sibling that received all the good looks in the family. Once on the chairlift, a tremendous game of Formula 1 commenced with more “radios” than “NEOWs” played; I’m loving angels instead. After a few more runs, conditions began to deteriorate which signalled time to go to Pano and commence après. Cirque Du Soul ensured the ‘dutty vibes’ that Dan Waite had been craving all week were played. Despite the farcical price of €8 a pint, never have the words “NO BALL, SEE IT OFF, 3 2 1” been shouted so loudly and proudly by a group lads. The game of NO BALL – of course all UBCC balls are sponsored by Hunter Selection - enabled the group to gain many honorary members, most notably hockey and netball girls, and a rather displeased French bloke. However, there was no sign of Whip – most probably off chasing another house mate because he can’t have fun with the lads. A highlight was Fletch falling off one of the tables. The afternoon session came to a close, hard work and determination being showed in abundance by the boys.

Mock UBCC having fun, Whip nowhere to be seen

Despite being advised against it, the group decided to ski down to the Umbrella bar. Petrie thought he was a jet at skiing backwards and soon fell over and lost a ski. Donald being the gent he is kindly picked it up to ski down with it before he was viciously cut on the hand. The lads all then decided to ski down to Umbrella bar, whilst Donald could be seen half way up the mountain crying about all the blood. Drinking recommenced down at Umbrella bar, and CC Alex Coetzee could be seen downing a straight arm pint – “the more on the fass the better”, and dancing on his ones (video available upon request). After giving chat all day, Coates could be seen spending some quality time with his Mrs rather than having fun with the lads – poor show. More beer and then more beer was consumed at Umbrella before it was time for closing. It would appear bad light stopped play as the writer has very little recollection of My Nu Leng, bar the poor venue choice for Wasteland Ski. A tremendous effort from all the boys and a marvellous day’s play. It must be noted that Cal doesn’t have any mates his own age, so the day’s play gave him a chance to prey on some innocent freshers.

Tea rating A* - we love beer.

DOTD – Ian Donald for being very late, and too binned to do up his tie properly.

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