Our Committee

Freddie Wynn - Club Captain

Hi I'm Freddie, a third year studying Economics. Last year I was the more useful and fun social sec, I'm now the club captain. I used to be a top order batsmen however fortunes changed and I am now an enforcing seamer, never afraid to wack it in with searing heat.

Alex Beck - Vice Club Captain

I'm UBCC's official scorer and statistician, studying History (preferably of cricket). I score all of the runs. Unfortunately that is with pen on paper, not bat on ball. 100% cricket badger and most popular member of the team. Often found with a pint.

Ewan Harris - Treasurer

    Hi I'm Ewan, the treasurer. I'm in my third year studying Aerospace Engineering. On the field I bowl very gently down the legside and my batting has been previously described as "uppish" and like a "proper number 11".

Ian Donald - Social Secretary

My name is Ian and I am a second year studying Economics & Politics. Hopefully that will be an easy one to remember considering I'm the only person in our generation called Ian. I am widely renowned for an ugly 20 up the top of the order, chassis on willow, and having better chat than Craig Half-Volley Hodges.

Craig Hodges - Social Secretary

Hi I'm Craig, a second year also doing Economics & Politics. Often praised for my hair, the art of bowling backwards is one that I have managed to master after 19 years. However, what I lack in pace I make up for in swing, great hands and the ability to drive better than Ian Donald. As the wise Fred Wynn once said, "don't go chasing Hodges' balls".

Paddy Sidwell - Tour Secretary

Hi I’m Paddy Sidwell, I'm a second year English student. Played for all 4 teams in one summer despite being a specialist fielder. Ridiculously safe hands #UBCCTour2018