Countdown to Varsity vs Exeter (A):

The 2s start the season with a 6 wicket win over Plymoth 1s

The sun was looking likely to cook much of the Bristol 2nd team’s constituents, including, the top of Stovold’s head during the first encounter with the outdoors for UBCC. Plymouth 1’s was the opposition and from the get go it was apparent that many of their players had taken their sports nutrition session about as seriously as much of ours. Bus delays caused a staggered arrival of the boys disrupting the warm up and later having a noticeable effect for much of the 1st innings. Eventually the fielding drills were underway and Raksith Rao failed to disappoint by displaying his laissez faire approach to cricket in the form of showing little regard for any of the training gear he purchased during the winter. Overall, some excellent catches were taken, and excitement levels were high.

Bristol won the toss and elected to bowl on what proved to be a fairly soft slither of turf. Cole and Fergus Cameron took the new ball with one end looking far more likely to take a wicket and the other end looking far more likely to be making a big pay day as a result of match fixing. Plenty of sizeable no balls. Fergus snared his first UBCC wicket and then Plymouth begun to consolidate, with their 3 and 4 looking resolute. The 25th over arrived and the story so far was too many extras and too few wickets. Thankfully Raksith Rao turned on the charm and the ball started dancing for him. He took a cluster of wickets, with his infamous mark of ‘2 in 2’ being placed on the game. Flair. Plymouths middle order vanished, and the tail was quickly upon us. Seamers Pandit and Gardiner completed the necessary demolition towards the end of the innings and Plymouth were all done for 158 runs.

Sloppy Lasagne was presented to the boys at the halfway mark which certainly required the garlic bread to complete compulsory mopping up of the tomato and cheese-based sauce. The meal provided the correct levels of nutrition for an entertaining second half.

Some tight bowling from Plymouth, and Ian Donald’s achilleas heal of, straight deliveries, put Bristol in a sticky situation. Rob got a good nut. Ishaan lost his head. Pandit also got a decent nut. Thankfully, the stoic nature of Meelan Mnizzikiikiko steadied up the innings. Mhanniziko was later joined by Jamie Price who both solidified themselves as heroes to the club. Careful stroke play, minus a bludgeon over the rope from Price, carried Bristol home past the target of 158. Price 59 not, the other guy 45 not.

The play of the game undoubtedly came from a certain UBCC member performing a sterling overtake on Parrys Lane. If you know, you know.

Chai Pani DOTD: Cole for atrocious fielding and no-balls

Bath Ales MOTM: Price for 59*

WG Grace stylish player of the day: 22 Raki

Nib Nibs Perfect catch of the match: Milan low off Bee

The Sandwich Sandwich wet sandwich of the day: Ish for replacing divot after snicking off

Coombe Dingle Chat of the Match: Stov 3x: 'Ali Bee needs to practice bowling in the bedroom' To Yozza claiming he has a broken hand 'Prove it', Threatening to throw Meth off balcony if he didn't play Saturday

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